Sunday, September 8, 2013


The breeze, one that had been blowing steadily out of the north as I rigged Spartina, died just as I raised sail off of Waterside Marina.  I did not mind.  It was a beautiful day, clouds giving way to blue skies and a definite feeling of fall in the air.  I had already accomplished some of my goals at the ramp, adjusting the starboard shroud and achieving better tension on the bow stay with a couple of new shackles.  The main and jib, I could tell even without much wind, set better with the changes.

I was happy to see, for the first time in months, the SPOT tracker on board.  Having the GPS and SPOT side by side reminded me of a lot of good days cruising.  The SPOT was along for a test and below you can see the resulting tracking page.  I will publish the url, the same one I have used for several trips, a couple of times in the next two weeks.

A handful of friends and family received an email with a link which gave them the map and message below.  I'm not yet having a great time in the sounds but I wanted to test the SPOT messaging system, one that I will use first thing in the morning and again in the evening when I drop anchor.    

I tied up to grab a sandwich for lunch, then back on the water to find the promised breeze finally filling in, plus small boats coming out of Sail Nauticus for an afternoon regatta.  The breeze never amounted to much, but it was enough to accomplish my goals for the day.  

Just one day sail left before heading down to North Carolina.



Buck on "Alert" said...


Been on the Neuse since Monday, trying to get to Belhaven but got turned back by heavy lightning & storms.

Can you summarize your itinerary and dates on the water for trip down here to Carolina?

I must have missed the post(s).

Fair Winds,

Steve said...

Basically Elizabeth City to Cape Lookout and back, going down by the western route through the canals, coming back by way of Pamlico Sound. Date are not specific, depends on work/weather. Late September and early October would be the time frame.