Monday, April 25, 2016

a guest, a departure like a shot from a cannon

I should not call her a guest, she is, along with her sister, a co-builder and part of the original crew of Spartina.  We sailed together through the high school years and then on visits home from college.  For her to be on board does not happen as often as it once did, but it is always a treat.  Out on the river we found a cool gusty breeze, double reefed and then reefed, with plenty of sunshine.  And we found a lot of memories too.

Webb cast off on schedule today, Monday here, Tuesday in New Zealand.  The weather seems to be cooperating for his sail to Australia.  Should you want to follow along his yellow brick tack can be found here.

From an email.....

"While I don't have confidence in weather forecasts more than 48 hours out, I hope they have it right this time.  Tuesday should have 15 to 20 knots from the south.  I'm going north for 70 or 80 miles to clear North Cape and then northwest.  With that wind GANNET will leave New Zealand as though she were shot from a cannon.  The next four days look good, too.  But, of course, all that can change."

Fair winds, Webb.

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