Saturday, April 16, 2016

I've never really done this kind of thing before

It was awkward, the first meeting.  Furtive glances that avoided direct eye contact.  I wasn't sure it was her.  She didn't look very much like her online photograph, which was made in shadowy, vague lighting.  Older than I had expected, but a nice smile.  I told her I had never done this sort of thing before.  She said don't worry.  We talked about tips, I wasn't sure how much.  I gave her a number.  She smiled and said "I love you."  

Yes, my first ride with Uber.

With two days of fine weather I left Spartina down at the dock in the basin, catching the Uber ride back to my jeep and trailer at the ramp.  I'll drive back there tomorrow morning, take another Uber back to the boat.  Clear skies, about 60 and wind in the teens maybe gust to 20 out of the NE.  Reefed for a while, then full main.  Then anchored for a pleasant nap.  Then more sailing before tying up.  

For the first time I put the new boom tent on from within the boat, just as I would do when cruising.  It was easy.  Less than 10 minutes to do it, maybe closer to five.  Still adjusting lines and purchase points, might have the canvas ladies add another grommet or two on the fly.  But very happy overall.  Back at the dock tomorrow I'll bring down the tent and fold it up from inside the boat.  Should work fine.  


Alden Smith said...

Keep up the good sailing, enjoying reading about all your adventures - wish I had as much sheltered (and not so sheltered) water to sail in!

JimB said...

Well done, you had me going there.