Thursday, April 14, 2016

a spring coat

Spartina's battered rub rais and bow sprit received their last spring coat of varnish today, a day that began with a frost and is now warming with howling winds.  Forecast for this weekend shows 15 mph wind and sunny Saturday, 18 mph wind (and according to SailFlow) gusts up to 27 on Sunday.  I will be out at least one if not both days.

Paid my annual dues to Boat US, well worth it in my opinion.  I've used their coverage twice, both times trailer issues and both times the tow truck cost would have exceeded the annual membership fee so I came out ahead.

Checked my flares to find they will expire during the spring sail.   I'll pick up another pack at Walmart.  Also bought a box of triscuits, my cracker of choices, and a box of ziplock snack bags for the spring sail.  Most of the food is in hand, save for dried fruits and nuts which I'll pick up in early May.

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