Monday, April 11, 2016

two boats and a book

I've recently received emails from two Pathfinder builders and I've asked permission to share their beautiful work here.

The most distant builder is Lorenzo who lives in France on the Mediterranean coast.  His Pathfinder, above, which recently saw the light of day, includes the use of teak and mahogany.  Look at those decks!  Just beautiful work, I admire and envy his skills.  Read more about the boat here.  

Lorenzo tells me he will soon be sailing the Pathfinder in the Venice Lagoon raid, an event that happens every two years.  In the past he has asked me for a measurement or two from Spartina, all I've asked in return are some photographs of the Pathfinder on the water in Venice.  He tells me he will comply with my request, and further suggested we join him for the next Venice raid in 2018.  Might be fun.

A little bit closer to home, Tom, also known as Deke, is building this beautiful Pathfinder in Marathon on the Florida Keys.  Again, just beautiful work.  I really like that nice stem.  He plans to sail it in the Keys and possibly on an Everglades Challenge.

Tom is rigging his Pathfinder as a balanced lug yawl and is experimenting with the main in the photograph below.  You can follow the build here.

Tom was also kind enough to extend an invitation.  Yes, the Florida Keys in a Pathfinder would be fun.  Maybe I will sail from here to there someday.

I am always amazed at the patience and woodworking skills of people like Lorenzo and Tom.  I built a boat, but I am not a boat builder.  These guys are.  Well done.  I look forward to seeing photographs of these Pathfinders under sail.


Over the weekend The Pilgrim and I made a trip to Richmond where we visited our artist friends Curt and Eleanor.  It was a treat.  A fine lunch in a neighborhood restaurant, fun conversation and a tour of each of their studios.  

Curt has appeared on this blog a few times with his drascombe Thin Water Annie.  I've had the pleasure of sailing with him in both North Carolina and near Gwynn's Island on Chesapeake Bay.  On this visit Curt told me he had a book for me to read, loaning me his copy of River of Lakes, A Journey on Florida's St. Johns River.   A book about a journey on a small boat, in this case a kayak, is my kind of journey, my kind of book.  I can't wait to read it.  Thanks, Curt.

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