Saturday, April 30, 2016

halfway, gear check

Webb appears to be about halfway to Bundaberg with wind on the beam or slightly aft of beam.  If wind holds he might get to Australia a day or so before he expected.

Cloudy and cool here, with some mist.  I'm spending part of the day checking gear.  Doing a SPOT test I found that some of my AA lithium batteries, right out of the box, are bad.  Maybe too long on the shelf.  And I also found that I need to order new rite in the rain notebooks, I had used up my stash.  One anchor light, a $10 camp light form WalMart, has died.  I'll pick up a new one when I go to get a new set of flares, my current set expiring in a few weeks.   The cook kit is in good shape, sleeping gear - bivy, sleeping bag, pad and inflatable pillow - are ready to go.

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