Wednesday, December 28, 2016

fevered dreams

Deep in the night I could picture Spartina tied up on the Elizabeth River ready to sail.  With a forecast of sunshine, mild temperatures and wind I could see a simple sail across the river and back, the idea of a final sail for the year appealing to me.  But curled up in bed and shaking with fever and chills I knew I could at best manage the sail, but not the run up the river under power to the ramp.  And I certainly did not have the strength for hauling her onto the trailing and dropping her rig.  And my mind turned from making a sail to how would I get Spartina off the river.  Would she sit there for a few weeks, through the rain and blustery weather, maybe snow?  Trying to resolve that I woke with a headache, clearing my head long enough to remember I saw Spartina in the garage yesterday.  It was all a feverish nightmare.

The flu arrived like a virulent lump of coal Christmas morning.  We made the most of the morning, then the girls off to see a film and home in time for me to coach them through fixing Christmas dinner, traditionally one of my responsibilities.

The Pilgrim, who understands such things, showed me how to log on to a website through our health insurance program.  Soon I was face to face with Dave, who specializes in emergency medicine, by way of computer screen.  A few minutes of questioning and he told me what I already knew, I had the classic flu symptoms and could do not much more than wait it out.  He did prescribe something which has alleviated the worst of it.  About five to seven more days of this is possible.  I did, for the record, get a flu shot this past fall.

So I am glad the Spartina is in the garage and not sitting lonely and unprotected on the river.  And I am looking forward to the new year bringing health and joy to everyone.


steve said...

Nasty stuff.
Hope you feeling better and up and about soon Steve. Wishing you a Happy New Year and that you are feeling better by then

Steve said...

Thanks, Steve, I appreciate that. Going through lots of hot tea and books these days. Have a Happy New Year's. steve

Rich said...

Hope you feel better! Chicken soup and lots of fluids! Reading catch up time is always a good thing!