Wednesday, December 21, 2016

I almost said "no"

A colleague asked yesterday afternoon if I would switch work schedules today.  She had a day shift with a trip to Wachapreague on the Eastern Shore.  But I had work late Monday night, Tuesday night and I knew I would have a late shift on Thursday.  I was tired.  I almost said "no."  A day on the water between the barrier islands?  Sure, I'll switch.

We visited Wachapreague Inlet, a narrow stretch of open water between the north end of Parramore Island and the southern end of Cedar Island.  In between the two is a sandy shoal, above and below.

Below is the inlet, Parramore to right and the shoal to the left.  I was surprised to find the entrance so narrow, but very glad to have seen it as I hope to sail Spartina through there some day when I complete the Delmarva circumnavigation.

And just for the record, there were a couple of science types on board.  Looking out over the wetlands they talked about spartina, the cord grass in the marshes.   They pronounced the word with a long "I".  So repeat after me.....spar-TI-na.  It was so nice to hear someone other than myself pronounce it that way.  Maybe I'm not wrong about the name of my boat after all.

What a great afternoon on the water.  And I almost said no.  What was I thinking?


Anonymous said...


That whole pronunciation thing cracks me up. I work with botanists who also have the "in" way of saying latin names. While I agree that it is nice to know the right name, and pronouncing it the right way is good, but they can take it too far! It's not like fishing where I call it a minnow and you call is a bait fish and scientist calls it Phoxinus... as long as we all know what we're talking about that's the main thing. :)


Steve said...

Agreed. I'm sticking with the long "I" version. Nice blog you have there! steve