Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Very cool to see Barry getting some well-deserved attention in the December issue of SmallBoatsMonthly.com for his Melonseeds and the innovation he and Stuart of Dabbler Sails made to add the topsails.  I've seen one of the Melonseeds in person but only on the trailer, never under sail.  He's a regular with the Chesapeake Floats, you can read about some of his Melonseed cruising here.  

Yep, cold and getting colder.  That's why I'm not sailing and instead browsing the web.  So when is it supposed to warm up again?


robert.ditterich said...

Yes it was a lovely piece of writing. His Youtube uploads get a lot of attention from me- some wonderful moments captured there.

Steve said...

You are right, Robert. Barry has done a great job with videos. I don't know of anyone who has done better when it comes to small, open boat sailing. steve