Saturday, December 24, 2016

late December on the water, for the neighbors

It has been a great holiday week on the water.  Out with some scientists on the Eastern Shore's barrier islands Wednesday, a guest on a SailNauticus boat Thursday and sailing Spartina out of Elizabeth City Friday.  Not bad for late December.

Thursday I was the guest of sailing friend Lynn on one of the SailNauticus Harbor 20s.  (Lynn has a great view of the Elizabeth River from her home and when I post photos of Spartina out sailing they are often from her.)  There she is above on Spartina in late November, hopping on board to work towards her goal of 200 days on the water this calendar year.  That is not a typo.  "200" as in two hundred.  I'm happy to say a few of those days were on Spartina.  Thursday, a gusty day, was her 198th day out.  I have sailed the Harbor 20 before but not on such a windy day and I must say I felt very uncomfortable at the tiller.  I am so used to the three sails of Spartina with the gaff-rigged main that I did not have a feel at all for the sloop rig.    I knew it was breezy when we went out but I expected the boat's 900 lb bulb keel (Spartina weighs about 600 lbs total) would make it very easy to handle.  Not so, but with Lynn's coaching I started to get the hang of it.   

Friday it was down to Elizabeth City for a sunny day with light breezes.  Just right for me, a perfect way to end the sailing year.


Back early afternoon from Elizabeth City it was time to make the Christmas gifts for the neighbors.  

Salmon, salt, sugar, brown sugar, pepper, sliced peppers, lemon slices and a couple of hours on the smoker.  

I wished I had made a little bit more so that we would have plenty for ourselves.  Maybe New Year's Day.  

Merry Christmas!

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