Sunday, December 11, 2016

beautiful waters

With hard frosts in the morning and high temperatures not reaching 50 degrees, there is no sailing weather within sight.  I was spoiled by last year's warm winter, somehow I don't think I'll be so lucking this year.  So instead of sailing I've been catching up on some of my favorite blogs, including Lorenzo's B's blog about his finely crafter Pathfinder Astrid.  Lorenzo, who I have written about before, lives on the Mediterranean Sea and has some absolutely beautiful water to sail on.  The photograph above shows Astrid as Lorenzo and family explored the northeastern coast of Sardinia.

Above is the water crystal clear water of Sanary Bay, just 15 minutes from his home.  Lorenzo talks about sailing, picnics and snorkeling with his family.  

And there's Astrid sailing along the island of Burano near Venice.  Wow.  Just looking at the photographs makes me feel a little warmer on a cold day.  Thanks, Lorenzo.

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