Monday, August 3, 2015

I'll take my victories where I can

The new ramp at Elizabeth River Park on the southern branch had it almost perfect.  Nice paved parking lot, good ramp and piers, snack shop where you can get a cold drink, and nice clean restrooms.  And plenty of cleats, just not in the right place.

There are six pilings on the piers on either side of the boat ramps.  For some reason, maybe the installers liked the symmetry, all the cleats were mounted on the pilings farthest out on the pier, two to a piling.  And no cleats for small boats at the base of the piers.

For three weeks in a row I mentioned this to the guys in the snack shop.  There's no need for two cleats to a piling, why not take one from each and move it in closer to shore.  I received varying responses from "interesting idea" to "there's no way that will ever happen."

Well, it happened.  How nice.

Nice day on the water with a pleasant north wind, unusual for August, and accompanying blue skies.  Even dodged the afternoon thunderstorms.  Life is good.

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