Saturday, August 8, 2015

warm blue silence

"This is a day to be remembered.  We drift dreamily under the quiet pressure of the sails along the lee shore until the coast falls away to the south enabling us to free off.  By noon the wind has left us, and we are floating again in a blue world of water and air, the horizon only a misty line with the barren high ridges of Idhra wavy in the heavy light."

"Halfway across the channel we throw out the sea anchor and dive into the void of cool deep mauve.  It wraps itself like velvet round our skins, and once more we peer down into the indigo depths, then up at the burning blue of the sky.  It is ours, this world of warm blue silence: ours alone for a brief spell, with no human to interfere.  We drift for an hour, two hours, soaking in the sun...."

- from THE LUGWORM CHRONICLES by Ken Duxbury


steve said...

Ha! Just read that page a few days ago!!

Steve said...

Excellent book, isn't it?? I've got a good forecast for tomorrow, hope to be out on the water. Hope you are getting out too.


Bursledon Blogger said...

I met a couple who inspired by Ken Duxbury's book spent a summer (about 2 1/2 months) cruising the Western Isles of Scotland in a Drascombe Lugger - very different cruising ground but demonstrates the capability of the boat.