Saturday, August 15, 2015

Uncle Chuck and the seafood girls, wind, strawberries, an opening

For years I have bought crab meat at the chain grocery store a little down the highway.  Why not?  It was fresh, local and sold at a cheaper price than the crab meat at seafood shops.  Now it turns out that the crab meat may not have been from our local blue crabs after all, something that should be an affront to any seafood lover.  More importantly for that crab house, which will go unnamed, it gets the attention of both NOAA and the FBI.  And just like that, fresh not-so-local crab meat has disappeared from the grocery stores. 

Uncle Chuck, who has connections all over the bay, comes to the rescue with eastern shore crab meat from Nandua Seafood, one of the very few crab houses remaining in business on the shore.  Yes, pricier that the faux crab meat, but well worth it.  Sampled a bit as I was just now making crab cakes to cook up the evening.  Excellent texture and taste.  Can't wait.  


Forecast for tomorrow is for beautiful blue skies, and not much wind.  I will hope that the breeze surprises, as it sometimes does.  And if not, I'll put up the shade tent and take a nap out on the river.


I picked up two packets of dried strawberries, a favorite treat while cruising.  Sorted through the freeze dried meals again.  This afternoon I'll start packing some clothes and maybe sort through the hypothermia kit.  A little over a month to go.


My friend Curt, who told me a few years ago that he wanted to experiment with maritime art, seems to be doing very well.  Just received notice that he has a one-person show at the Urbanna Harbor Gallery.  We look forward to enjoying the show.  The painting above is called Out the Hole in the Wall, and it shows two deadrises heading through the shoaled area that we passed through on Curt's drascombe Annie just a couple of weeks ago.  Beautiful.


Curt said...

Thanks Steve!

Bill said...

Best crabmeat and crabcakes I've ever had, I bought from a little seafood shop on Gwynn's Island, just off the end of the bridge, on Milford Haven. The boats come in with the day's catch, and they buy it and immediately process it right there. Next time you're down there, check it out!

Steve said...

Sounds good. I'm liking Gwynn's Island more and more. steve