Tuesday, February 16, 2021

a great journey, a Pathfinder launched

Here's a great story about an interesting boat and journey on TownDock today.  Evan and Ariana, brother and sister, passed through Oriental on their way south in COD, a classic dory built at the the Dory Shop in Lunenberg, Nova Scotia in 1999.

The dory was built with a removable canvas cover for the bow, a tent so to speak.  Although the dory is powered and not sailed, it still reminded me of some of the journeys I have made on SPARTINA.  They are essentially camping their way down the coast.

Not 20 minutes after reading the story I received an email from Keith of TownDock telling me about the story and how it reminded him of Curt and I passing through Oriental last spring.   I agree with Keith that there is a similar feel to our journeys.  They are headed south for Florida.  Wouldn't it be cool to cross paths with them in SPARTINA somewhere down south?

I wish the siblings well on their trip south.


Noah sent some photographs of ELIZABETH, a John Welsford Pathfinder that he launched last summer after five years of part-time boat building.  I think he did a wonderful job.

The cuddy cabin is an interesting idea, I don't know that I have seen that before on a Pathfinder.  It is a nice way of splitting the difference between a completely open boat and a cabin.

Noah must be looking forward to spring when he can get her out on the lakes of New York for some more sailing.  He apologized for the set of the sails in the photographs, he is still tweaking the rigging.   I told him I first launched about 14 years ago and I'm still tweaking the rigging too.  

Congratulations, Noah!


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