Wednesday, February 24, 2021

tracking url

Here is my tracking url.  Or copy and paste this link below.

For a couple different reasons heading south a few days earlier than planned.  Got all the gear and food, lots of packing going on today.  Hope to cast off midday Friday.



Chris Smead said...

Steve, bummer about the mizzen mast. Cool story, though! Hey, in the picture of the notebook here, what is the list? Is it a list of places to go? Is it a table of contents for paper charts?

Steve said...

That's a list of the 14 sounds between Charleston and Jacksonville. I made it down past Sapelo Sound and was on my way to Doboy Sound when the mizzen broke. So I past 7 out of 14, not bad. Wind was so good the last day I was thinking I might get three or four sounds in one day. And then "crack"....... Steve