Saturday, February 20, 2021

temperature check

Just back from the morning walk, 32 degrees here this morning.  I did my usual check on the temperatures down south.  Between 40 and 45 degrees along the coast.  

That should be comfortable with the gear I've got. (And look at that nice north wind!)  I've done 40 degree nights a few times and once, during an early winter storm, woke to find ice on my boom tent in Chestertown.  The more research I do on weather and currents, the better I feel about the trip.

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Randy said...

I know you are doing your research and know what you are doing. However I would just like to reinforce the seriousness of the currents that you will encounter doing the inside trip from Charleston to Jacksonville. They will be un-relenting and in many places down right dangerous. Much of the time there will not be wind enough to counter the currents. It will be slow going as every time you cross a creek, river or inlet the current will reverse. I don't mean to be a Debbie downer but I just want you be fully aware that you were very right in an earlier post when you wrote that the tides will be stronger than what you experience in the bay or N.C. Have your anchor at the ready.
I wish you the best.