Tuesday, February 9, 2021

temperature check

Charleston, 59 degrees, Beautfort and Savannah 57, Jacksonville 59.  I've made a habit of checking the temperatures along the coast.  It has dipped down in the early morning hours to the 40s and one time to 30 degrees but mostly stays in the 40s and 50s.

Much of the food is packed.  I still need to get the fruit cups and dried fruit plus make up some granola.  I've ordered a wide-brim waxed cotton hat to keep my head warm and dry.  My mid-weight thermals plus wool sweater at dry suit kept me warm at 35 degrees last weekend.  I also have heavy weight thermals if needed.  

I had planned to reshape the foil on the new rudder but decided making a new one from scratch is really about the same amount of work.  I'll pick up some hardwood today.

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johnz said...

Don't forget the tracker. Those of us stuck on shore want to go along!