Sunday, February 21, 2021

puzzled, again

Yesterday's post was a bit of a test.  It was sent from my phone and included the three images in the post.  It also should have included a few lines of text which were lost somewhere between my phone and blogger.  I first noticed this problem on last fall's cruise.  I can send one image and text successfully.  More than one image and the text disappears.  I will keep this in mind during on the way to Georgia's Sea Islands.

Yesterday's post should have said the puzzle was a gift from the Pilgrim.  It also should have said it was made with a beautiful photograph shot by Curt during last spring's cruise on Pamlico Sound.  It is an original and interesting gift, one that I greatly appreciate.  The puzzle was made by Shutterfly and is very high quality.  Need to come up with a gift for someone?  I would recommend a personalized puzzle like this.

Excuse me,  I need to get back to the puzzle.  That morning sky is a challenge.

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