Sunday, May 28, 2023

a break in St. Michaels

I’m stopping in St. Michaels for a few days, for a few different reasons.  First of all, I love this waterfront town.  I have some good friends here.  And there are some excellent (and even reasonably priced) restaurants here too.  Spending time here is always in the plan for a Bay cruise. 

And it is a good place to wait out a storm that is sliding up the coast (though it is possible that the weather will head up east of us, we’ll see).   I came in a day early because of the storm. Josh, the dock master at the museum, was kind enough to make room for me.  

And lastly, I need to repair my jib.  About a week ago I found the leech seam was separating along the stitching.  I had some old repair tape on board and taped it up as best I could.  Kristen was kind enough to pick up some new, wider and I think better quality tape that I will use to reinforce the seam.  This should get me through the next couple weeks of the trip.  

I expect to be sailing north Wednesday. 


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