Sunday, April 26, 2009

boat work

Blue skies and over 80 degrees, perfect day to get some yardwork done. So what did I do? Work on the boat.
I did a little more painting on the interior, plus put in the hardware to hold the rolled up Bivys up under the foredeck between the forward edge of the coaming and frame #2. They'll be out of the way, out of the sun and spray. I also put in the purchase points for the Bivys when they are in use - a couple of pad eyes for the for shoulders loops and one of the feet attachment point. Need to get some bungee cord and a couple short pieces of nylon line and we'll be all set.
Forecast is good for tomorrow so I should get out for a sail. Will run the outboad for a while to make sure the water pump repair kit I put in place last week is in good shape. I'm not much of a mechanic, but everything seemed to go together fine and I didn't end up with any pieces left over. The advice from the local Nissan outboard dealer - the unusually named "Lacquer Specialites" - turned out to be pretty good. I've run the outboard in the garage (in a bucket of water) for about 30 minutes and it seems to be working. Tomorrow I'll make sure to give it a good test.
A big "thank you" to my youngest daughter for postponing a shopping expedition for a few minutes to take the photo at the top. The photo just above shows her in her younger days as we sailed in to Silver Lake, the harbor at Ocracoke. Those days she had time to sail with me. I'll make sure to get her out once or twice this summer.

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