Friday, April 24, 2009

on the water

I've been checking in on on SandyBottom and Kiwibird as they circumnavigate Cedar Island, Beaufort and Harkers Island on an exploratory trip for the Watertribe NC Challenge 2009.
That is SandyBottom's Spot track above, you can see it here. I am impressed that they started before 7 this morning and it is now almost 11 pm and they are going strong. The skies have been dark for over three hours and they just keep paddling. It looks like they have covered 50 miles or more. When, where will they stop for the night? With the wind out of the southwest it seems like they'll fly up Core Sound tomorrow. They have a perfect weekend for the trip with great weather.
That's Spartina and Bruce off of a little island near Beaufort, not too far from where Sandybottom and Kiwibird are headed right now. We are less than a month from the Skeeter Beater. I bought some plastic cups of fruit and a bottle of olive oil today. When I looked in to the food box I was surprised and pleased at what was there. Buying an item or two each trip to the grocery store the last few months has really added up. Pasta, cous cous, breakfast bars, peanuts and sauces. A pretty good start. I'll wait until Bruce is in town for the main courses.
ps - just as I post it looks like they have headed in to the beach north of Morehead City. Looks like a nice spot for a well-deserved rest.


Kristen said...

Oh, that we were so diligent on being on the water that late, Steve! SB forgot to turn her SPOT off ;) We paddled 'til around 2030, right on dark - so managed 45m that day - was hard to find somewhere to camp. We did though, yet an exciting night ensued...

It was a great trip though - the North Carolina Challenge 2009 looks to be a winner. Hope to see you both there.

Steve said...

a great paddler and HONEST TOO! (I might have left that bit of misinformation out there a while to enhance the reputation.)
Great paddle, enjoyed watching the track. And everybody remember to tell your kids not to believe everything they read on a blog.