Wednesday, April 15, 2009

small jobs

Had some free time this morning so hooked up my old Garmin etrex legend gps to the computer and used Garmin's MapSource software to update my waypoints for the Skeeter Beater. Also took an old pair of glasses, about two years out of date, and added them to the first aid kit on the boat. I'm honest enough with myself to admit that if I did lose my glasses overboard I would not be able to read a gps or, worse, the instructions for launching a flare. So I double-bag the old glasses (that's our rule on the boat - If it needs to be bagged, bag it TWICE. If it doesn't need to be bagged, bag it ONCE (it is amazing how moisture can cause unexpected problems)) and tucked them away. Below is a screen shot of my waypoints. I also printed out a hard copy of this map that I will laminate and use for quick reference on the trip.

Just about five weeks until our trip. Bruce tells me he is off on a week-long photo expedition in the southwest. I'll look forward to seeing his shoot.



SandyBottom said...

I don't know if you've seen these TOPSPOT charts:
1) Chart N 239 Pamlico Sound To Morehead City Inshore
2) Chart N 240 Albemarle Sound Area Inshore

They are my current favorites for these areas. Well worth checking them out, especially the first one.

I too can't read charts or GPS without glasses, I end up packing cheap reading glasses everywhere, in map case, first aid kit, camp clothing kit, and on my pfd.

I'm working on a trip report about our sail last weekend, or I should say our sail on Friday, not for the faint of heart - high winds, shallow water, breaking white caps, wind waves, fully reefed. And not the way to learn to like sailing :)

Steve said...

sorry to hear about the weather at Cedar Island. From your Spot track it did look like your time on the water was abbreviated. Hope you collected some good information for the NC Challenge.
I have not seen those charts but will look in to them. My budget for now will have me stay with my GMCO chartbook of North Carolina. I think Bruce bought some of the blue water charts for his gps (which is much more advanced than mine).
I do like your idea of multiple glasses. I'll pack a third pair and suggest to Bruce that he does the same.
Hang in there on sailing. Get the feel for it before trying it on days with small craft warnings. Steve
(I'll copy this to your blog, I'm not sure what the etiquette is for responding to comments)