Thursday, May 14, 2009


Starting to get butterflies as the trip is a little over a week away.  Will there be any wind?  Will there be too much wind?  I find myself worrying about things like that.  Thought of taking a peek at the long range weather forecast, but decided not to.  The weather will be what it will be.
I've done a little maintenance on the trailer.  Added axle grease to the spring loaded reservoir on the hubs.  I try and do that a couple of times a year using the waterproof axle grease.  Also getting new tires for the trailer.  It came with "B" tires.  I'm upgrading to "C" which can handle more weight.  I'll use one of the "B" tires as a spare.

Above is one of my favorite ways to explore possible anchorages, with the main furled and sailing under jib (which you can see) and mizzen (which you can't see).  I'll stand in the aft part of the cockpit and sail along the marsh - in this case Mt. Pleasant Bay - just nudging the tiller with my knee as I follow the curve of the shore.  That grass along the shore is spartina alterniflora.  My Spartina is just right for sailing here.

I've taken care of a few things on my list....
  • called the hotel in Bath to make sure they had room (yes)
  • emailed Matthews Pt Marina to see if they had a restaurant nearby (no)
  • repainted the motor well
  • got a lock for the outboard (When we stay at a hotel we take the valuables - gps, radio, binoculars - off the boat.  It occurred to me that we left the most valuable item - the outboard - behind with no protection.  So I bought a lock.)
  • bought some toilet chemicals for the porta pottie (In this case is was a dry chemical added to water.  I prefer that to carrying bottles of liquid that might leak.)
  • made my last info sheet with marina/hotel phone numbers, ferry information for the ride back in case we have time to take the free Bayview-Aurora ferry
  • talked with my brother about the Spot beacon as he is the main point of contact if we need help

Above is evening on Mt. Pleasant Bay with my department store anchor light.  Very peaceful place where I saw a school of tailing puppy drum swim by the boat.  A tiny beach on the shore was shared by snowy egrets and ibis (both the white and glossy).   Black skimmers ghosted over the smooth surface with their lower bills just touching the water.  Beautiful spot.  Our anchorage the first night of the Skeeter Beater should be somewhere close to here.


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