Friday, May 22, 2009

packing up

Busy day with trips to the hardware store, grocery, etc.  We spread all the gear and supplies out in the garage along the lines of the boat packing plan.    Everything we needed (and a little more) was there.  And it fits with room to spare.
Bruce has great plans for cooking that include a stew with red wine, beef and potatoes.  Even some sauces that include white wine (the kind that comes in a little box) and chicken stock.  We bought some dry ice for the soft-sided cooler that will carry pork chops and some small steaks.
Below the dog Jack gets involved as Bruce tries out his Bivy.
Beautiful weather today with clear skies, comfortable temperatures and a nice breeze.  From what I see that weather should hold for a few days.
We hope to launch tomorrow around 10 or 11 a.m. and will send a Spot "ok" message and turn on the tracking once we are on the water.



SandyBottom said...

Have a wonderful trip, I'll be following along.

S R Wood said...

Fair winds, Steve and Bruce!


Anonymous said...

Bon Voyage Guys!

Maybe we'll see you on the water aboard JESTER.


Perry Burton said...

Seing your "pings" come in from the spot. All is well. Great to hear.
Very tidy bivy sacks you guys have.
let us know how they performed when you return.