Friday, May 29, 2009

a great trip

We tied up at the New Bern Sheraton Marina about 9:00 this morning, two days ahead of schedule. Wind was just great. It blew with us most days, against us one day (which made for great sailing!). People in Bath, Oriental and New Bern have been very friendly and helpful. The trip has been better than we had hoped.
John Welsford will be pleased to know that at every marina along the way people have dropped by to ask "who designed that boat." Here in New Bern an owner of a ocean cruising tahiti ketch came over to admire Spartina and comment on how seaworthy she looked. I'll send John a note.
Thank you to all who have taken the time to check the blog, follow the spot track and send notes. (Now that I look at the blog I see those "ok" msgs must have gotten a little boring.).
We'll take a break, head to Engelhard tomorrow to get my jeep and trailer and come back to haul out the boat. We'll post stories and photos about the trip once we regroup. (Last night anchored in Goose Creek just down the Neuse River we started adding up the photos on our memory cards. Total came to something over 2,500, so there ought to be a nice photo or two in there.)


ps - Bivy's worked great, slept very well. Had a problem in only one spot where the mosquitoes hung around outside until morning, but that gave us inspiration to get our act together and get on the move.


Perry Burton said...

Great to hear how well the trip is going. Fill us in on how Spartina handles in the open sea. By the way those SPOT reports were a great way to track distances traveled between hits. Let us judge how the pictures are, Post em ALL! :)
Bruce must have gotten some great Wildlife shots in all those locations you passed through.
Your stories keep me inspired not dally and to finish mine as soon as I can.

S R Wood said...

I agree: trips like this are the whole reason I'm building my Pathfinder. Can't wait to read more!