Sunday, May 17, 2009

great quote from Peter Matthiessen

Life was great
and life was terrible
and life could not be one
without the other.

I'm not sure what the photo has to do with the quote but that is a wonderful line from Peter Matthiessen's Shadow Country that has had me thinking all day on a cold, rainy, windy day.



S R Wood said...

Ah! Another Matthiessen fan. Here's something from The Snow Leopard, which I think of when I'm far from home:

If given the chance to turn back I would not take it. Therefore the decision to go ahead is my own responsibility, to be accepted with a whole heart. Or so I write here, in faint hope that the words may give me courage.

Thanks also for the profile shot of Spartina. Beautiful sheerline, and an inspiration as I labor away on frames.

Fair winds!


Steve said...

That is kind of the way I feel as I see wind forecasts of 18 to 28 mph for the first two days on the water. If the wind stays under 30 and holds in the forecast direction - out of the east saturday and north on sunday - we should be in good shape.