Tuesday, May 19, 2009

it doesn't take a weatherman...

I'm a little bit surprised as I sit down to write this post.  Not six hours ago I was checking the wind forecast for Saturday at Windfinder.com and saw a forecast of 18 mph wind out of the east.  As I was about to write about tucking in a reef for a nice reach down Pamlico Sound to Wysocking Bay I checked the forecast again and it had dropped to 3 to 8 mph wind out of the (at various times) northeast, east, and southeast.  What a difference a few hours make.  I won't count on high winds or mild winds.  I'll go with the opinion of Edna Summerlin, co-owner along with her husband "Hot Dog" Summerlin (you ask him where the name came from) of the Big Trout Marina in Engelhard when she says quite simply "We always have wind down here." 
We'll be ready to deal with whatever comes our way.  I've got a fishing guide friend who told me a few years ago "If you wait until everything is perfect to go fishing then you will never go."
Bruce shot the photo of me rigging sails down at Harkers Island.  I had the sailmaker, E. S. Bohndell Co., put it two sets of reef points in the main.  That was money well spent.  I can sail under full sail, single reefed main, double reefed main, jib and mizzen only or main only.  That is a lot of options to deal with the variety of wind.
I don't understand weather as well as I would like, but I suspect the difference might be the front that a few days ago was forecast to be sitting right over Pamlico Sound this weekend.  Now they show it holding up north over Chesapeake Bay, then sliding farther to the north over the next couple of days.  
This is at the north end of Core Sound, clear skies to the north and a squall moving up from the south.  Sunshine and rain.  We'll see a little bit of it all.


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