Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Great sailing

It has been a great trip! All kinds of weather from sunny and hot to heavy rain. Wind has been with us for the most part pushing us two days ahead of schedule. Paid for that yester day with nine hours of tacking into strong wind and big waves to get from Bath to the icw. Today we sailed 27 miles with a max speed of 6.4 knots.
Enjoyed anchorages in Wyesocking Bay, Spencer Bay and tiny Dixon Creek off of Goose Creek (the icw).
Bruce has out done himself with diiners that include beef stew made with red wine and pork chops and mashed potatoes served with a white wine/garlic/shallot sauce.
Folks along the way have been friendly and interesting.


DancesWithSandyBottom said...

Steve and Bruce,

Dawn and I are greatly enjoying your trip via SPOT. Following closely.

Hope you will enjoy the moment --sail now, blog later.

I've already guessed one tale you're probably going to be posting when you return home. It goes something like this...

"Suddenly they were all around the boat, swarming in from every direction, hungry and bent on stealing a quick meal. They were huge. We had never seen so many FISH! We quickly caught our limit of those hungry fish. They were delicious."


Anonymous said...

We looked for you on Oriental's harbor webcam, but couldn't find you. Are you at the Town Dock?

We've been following your progress closely - like everyone, we are anxious to see your pictures!

Thanks for posting guys ~ we know you are haveing a GREAT time!


elizabeth said...

Sounds like the winds have been to your back. Glad it's been fun and that bruce is whipping up some gourmet meals. We'll expect more of the same upon your return!

Kristen said...

Keeping a sharp eye on your whereabouts to drop in for supper! Have fun!