Friday, December 23, 2011

the christmas gift

A friend at the office asked for a print of photograph below, something to give it to a friend as a Christmas gift.  I was honored, and I told her that I thought of it as my favorite photograph of the year.  And yet at the same time I could not explain to myself why I thought of it as such.

Well of course it should be your favorite, she said.  Why not?  Look at the shapes, look at the detail.  If you believe in God, you can find God there.  And if you don't believe in God, but instead in the forces of nature and the theory of evolution, you can find that there too.  Everybody can find something in that photograph.

I'm a literal person and tend to resist thinking of photographs, mine or anybody else's, in those terms.  But I appreciated her comments, and find myself thinking about them now and then.  And if my friend found something there in the photograph, then I am glad for that.



Canoe Sailor said...

Nice! My macro photos are usually a picture of a rusted bolt or broken part. Yours are not only technically better, but they are beautiful!

MaryLou said...

Stunning! An agnostic artist would also comment on the juxtaposition of colors and lines, the rhythmic patterns, the capture of detail and the brilliant eye and skill of the photographer who took the picture. Thanks for letting us see.