Tuesday, December 20, 2011

off-season work

I epoxied the cap onto the plug for the deck slot yesterday, then sanded it this morning.  Just working with the mahogany using a sheet of sandpaper wrapped around a piece of 2x2 reminded me how much I enjoyed building Spartina.  My woodworking skills are very basic, but I enjoy trying to muddle my way through it.

The next step will be to drill out the screw holes in the cap, plus the screw holes left over deck hardware, and epoxy hardwood bungs into place.  Then sand smooth, varnish the cap, repaint the foredeck around the mast and reinstall the blocks and cleats.  When I was in "boat building mode" I would do all that in a day or two.  But now I work a bit slower and will spread the jobs out over a couple of weeks.

I also ordered a waterproof chart of the C and D canal and Delaware Bay.  It should arrive in the next week or so.  I wanted to have the chart in hand when I go out to San Diego in February.  Bruce and I will sit down with a couple of cold ones and look over the chart in the warm California sunshine.



Unknown said...

Steve, going back to your previous post, have you read "On the Run, An Angler's Journey Down the Striper Coast" by David DiBenedetto (2003)? I'm half-way through, and found it quite interesting eventhough I'm not a fisherman. He goes through the life-cycle of the striper, its ups and downs from over-fishing and environmental issues, and then follows the striper migration from the Bay of Fundy to the Outer Banks. I thought you might enjoy it.

Steve said...

I have heard of it, have not read it. I'll check it out. As far as their life cycle, I'm just hoping they migrate to Va. Beach within the next two weeks.