Sunday, December 11, 2011

thinking out loud

The Spring trip?  Just thinking about it.  Maybe a counter-clockwise trip from Hobucken to Cape Lookout to Ocracoke or Wysocking Bay or Belhaven.

I'll be the first to admit I spend way too much time planning.  But planning, in my case, is daydreaming with a few facts thrown in.  Can you daydream too much?



JimB said...

I renamed Wysocking Bay to Bloodsucking Bay on my chart after my one and only night anchored there. I don't think the inhabitants of that place see meat not covered with thick fur. We got quite the enthusiastic reception.

Steve said...

Yes, that's the funny thing about marshes. I have never figured out how to forecast mosquito activity. I've overnighted there at least three, maybe four times with no problem at all. But I suspect it depends on temperature, humidity, etc. Go figure.


Anonymous said...

Maybe I'll cross headings with you when you come down here for your Spring Carolina Loop.

I retraced your 2011 Walkabout on Labor Day weekend. Except the mosquitoes (so big, you could read the numbers on their wings), it is worth doing again.

You have a few regulars here in the Carolina coastal waters that keep current with your blog.

Steve said...

It is interesting that both you and JimB would mention mosquitoes. I have never been able to predict when/where they will be a problem. I've had two rough nights with them in the sounds, that is not bad considering all of the trips I have made down there. Part of the cost of sailing down there.