Monday, December 26, 2011

temperatures dropping, fishing picking up

It was very crisp and cool this morning.  Excellent!  Just what we need to get the stripers going.  Our trip is just about two weeks away.
Above is a photo of our most successful trip - a limit of fish (two per person, eight people on the boat equals 16 fish) weighing a total of 399 lbs, all caught in under two hours.  We were back at the dock in time for breakast.  That was fishing the shoals of Oregon Inlet in the Outer Banks.

Above is last year out of Rudee Inlet in Virginia Beach.  We brought in some nice fish, but it was rough weather and we were not thrilled with our captain.  We'll be using a different boat this year.

Reports just before Christmas and from today show that the fish are arriving.  

We never quite know what will happen.  We've limited out a few times, caught a handful a few times and gotten skunked a few times.  And there have been days where, because of the weather, we have never even left the dock, above.

But we always have fun.



Unknown said...

Steve, I finished On The Run, the fishing book I was telling you about. I put the review on the blog if you're interested.
Happy fishing, jim

Fishing said...

You guys really did have a great trip!