Sunday, January 1, 2012

enough of that schmaltzy crap....

it's time to cook...

Menu for the day..

smoked salmon to be served chilled

accompanied by roasted oysters hot off the grill

pasta salad with sun-dried tomatoes and mozzarella cheese

nfl football and some boat work

Dinner is at six.  Come on by....



Baydog said...

I'll take a rain check for sure! I'll be eating my masaman curry chicken skewers hot off the Weber in section K-11 at 6, getting pumped to go in and watch the Giants play for the NFC East crown. Wish us luck, Steve!

Steve said...

Sounds great. I'll be pulling for the Giants and looking for you in the crowd. Save a skewer for me.


MaryLou said...

Yum! What a spread! Traditional pork & sauerkraut here. Happy New Year

JimB said...

Went for a sail! Hove to for lunch and nap. Temp in 60s on Albemarle Sound with 12-15 S wind.

Happy New Year to all.

Bill said...

Well if I knew where you lived, I just might o' done that!

As it was, I spent today - which was a lovely, spring-like day - doing a little metalworking in, and just outside of, my workshop.

Would have been a great sailing day. If my boat were in the water, I might have done that instead.

Happy 2012!

Steve said...

It would have been a great day on the water. But it was a pretty nice day for boat work too.

Happy New Year!