Sunday, January 29, 2012


There were several things I could have been doing today but I was content to relax and do almost nothing.

I did sketch out a rough route for the June trip.  This would go counter-clock-wise from Hobucken back to Hobucken (though I do need to talk to Shawn at Pate's Boatyard first).  I've sketched in options for going by way of both the east and west ends of Cedar Island, the choice will probably be made by the wind.  The sail from Cedar Island north would be my longest sail out of sight of land.  The trip from Beaufort to Cape Lookout would be my first sail on the ocean.

Something to think about on a winter's day.



Baydog said...

Sean Payton has a boatyard? How does he find time with being the Saints' head coach and all? Some people are just so driven.

Steve said...

You think he is a great coach? You ought to see him roast oysters!

Bob said...

... so, it IS okay to begin dreaming about and planning summer trips in January! I thought I was jumping the gun.

Steve said...

I start "thinking" in December, "dreaming" in January. Planning comes a little later.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're ready to join up with my outfit, now that I'm retired. Its the "Firm of Loafmore & Do-Less".

Your route on the Neuse River trip is hittin' mighty close to home. That little "switchback" west of Adams Creek is just about near the mouth of Clubfoot Creek, where "Alert" is stationed at Matthews Point Marina.

I still want to head back to Turnagain Bay and head for Morris Marina for one of them there shrimpburgers that makes them be famous.

Got waylaid by Hurricane Irene last time. There doesn't seem to be enough reefs in any mainsail for that kind of wind.

Good thing I hauled the boat home.

Steve said...


hurricanes will do that to you.

Visiting Great Island, which I know is not a great island, has been on my list for while. If wind and weather cooperate I may, or may not swing by there for an evening. We'll see.


Anonymous said...

Great Island is easy to see on NOAA map, but hard to see when I'm on the water. Vegetation only is about chest high, so little wind protection.

I'll try and photograph where I can get close to the island. Small cove on South side. "Alert" has less than 2' draft, but I have skirted bottom a few times in that vicinity.

An alternate for anchorage might be on Mitchell Creek, which is just past my marina. Lots of trees and developed lots to block wind.

A couple dozen Folks parked their boats there from the marina when Hurricane Irene raised the water level 12 feet. No boats lost anchorage.

Just lookin' out for you. I think I still have your e-mail address. Mine: