Wednesday, January 11, 2012

wet and windless, revisited

I just read through the seven days of the Wet and Windless 162, my fall sail on Tangier Sound.  It was, as the name suggests, very wet and very windless.  At the time I remember thinking the sail was not much fun.  Rain, thunderstorms, fog - constant moisture for the first few days, and then occasional rainstorms and thunderstorms the last few.   And inconsistent winds.  

Now that I read the log it seems to me it was a very nice trip.  Part of that is because I like the way I wrote the log entries - in the present tense (something I stole from my favorite cruising books).  And part of it is because the idea of sailing, wet and windless or not, is very appealing as I sit here listening to the rain without even the remote chance of sailing for the next several weeks.

So here, if you don't mind, are a few photographs from the trip.



Bill said...

It might have been wet and it might have been windless, but it sure looks to me like it was a damn sight better than sitting at my desk for those same seven days.

Baydog said...

And the Bluefish makes it even better.

Ginger Travis said...

And the red building with cloud above makes a glorious photo!