Sunday, January 22, 2012

how could I forget Belhaven?

Looking over the chart in my last post I realized I had left off a couple of places I've been wanting to visit.

I've sailed up the Pamlico River several times, passing the mouth of the Pungo River and Belhaven.  I do want to visit Belhaven.  I have driven through the town once or twice, never visited it by boat.  That should be on the list.

There are several great bays for anchoring as Pamlico Sound curves to the west into the mouth of the Pamlico River.  I've marked four bays with x's, from left to right Rose Bay, Juniper Bay, East Bluff Bay and Wyesocking Bay.  A sail from Cedar Island across the middle of Pamlico Sound to East Bluff Bay might be interesting.  And on the south side of the Pamlico River, marked xx, are a series of creeks that I would like to explore.

With Belhaven and the mouth of the Pamlico River in mind, I'll probably save Engelhard and Ocracoke for later.  At least that is my thinking for now.



Ginger Travis said...

Steve, I haven't heard anything about Shawn at Pate's Boatyard or Hobucken since not too long after the hurricane. Have you been in touch? They were all just devastated the last time you wrote about them. You had concluded it best to back off and give them time to recover. I have wondered about them lately. Towndock dot net did some good photo coverage and interviews with people on Goose Creek Island. Everyone was hard, hard hit, and some older folks in Lowland said they were packing it in and moving onto the mainland of Pamlico County.

Steve said...

Yes, Hobucken has had a rough time. I emailed with Shawn the other day and he was doing well. Here is part of his message...

"We're slowly but surely getting it back together down here, some (like me) more slowly than others, but we'll get there eventually."

I look forward to seeing him and his friends in few months.