Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Marius, send me your email address

A few people who do not live in the Chesapeake Bay area have asked me how they can see the article that Chesapeake Bay Magazine published about our trip last spring.  It won't make it to their archives for a while - years maybe, I'm told - but the editor was nice enough to send me a pdf of the article to share.

If you live outside of the Bay area, send me your email and I will forward the pdf.  A link to my email can be found on the profile page.

If you live around Chesapeake Bay - Virginia, Maryland or Pennsylvania - quit being a cheapskate.  Go to your local Barnes and Noble or West Marine and pony up a few bucks.  The folks at the magazine need to make a living too!


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Baydog said...

The article was too short!