Tuesday, May 8, 2012

new gear

I am almost caught up after the five day sail and a one day weekend.  With any luck I will start the walkabout logs tomorrow.  In the meantime I want to mention a couple of new pieces of gear that I was very happy with on this last trip.

Above I am sporting my new redfish pattern (or puppy drum pattern, for those of us on the east coast) UV Buff.  I bought it, based on recommendations for friend and self-confessed gear head Kiwibird, for the sun and the heat.  On this last trip I was very glad to have it both for the heat and for the cold.  Much of the time I wore it around my neck like a scarf.  When the sun got to be too much or the temperatures got to be too low, I pulled it up over my face.  And I was very happy with the result.  In fact I'm considering ordering another Buff for the June trip, in the speckled trout pattern.  Thanks Kristen for the advice.

And there, tucked away in a phone pouch, is my new ACR PLB-375 ResQLink+ personal locator beacon.  It stays in the pouch on my pfd/harness whenever I am sailing.  Having the SPOT is fine for tracking and safety, a plb adds a little more safety.  And this model is so compact I forgot it was there.  Pretty cool.

I'll start with the log tomorrow (I hope).


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