Thursday, May 31, 2012

a knight in foul weather gear

Two cameras, a couple of lenses, laptop, cell phone, wifi router, clothes for a few days, chargers for all kinds of batteries, boom mike, mini-tripod and foul weather gear.  The important gear, the cameras, laptop and sat phone, will go in the black backpack at the top, which I will carry on to the airplane.  The rest needs to go into the old LL Bean bag at the left.  That bag will be checked.

A few days ago there was a story in the paper about a man coming to our area for a jousting festival where he would dress up as a knight - the kind of knight that wears armor.  He tried to check his suit of armor at the airline counter, learning only that the excess baggage fee would be hundreds of dollars.  He thought about his situation for a while, realized that while there was an excess baggage fee for checking his armor, there was no fee for wearing armor on the airplane.  He was soon buckling himself in for the flight, armor and all.

I may wear my foul weather gear on the Delta flight tomorrow.


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EyeInHand said...

Love the knight story.