Tuesday, April 30, 2013

a mess, a possible solution

The garage floor is more of a mess than I would like, but I'll get it better organized over the next couple of evenings.  I realized I had not bought all the bottled water we'll need.  There were only three bottles in the storage cabinet and we need a total of eight one-gallon bottles.  

I drove to the dump and emptied all of the old fuel out of the two gallon tank, which dated back to last fall.  I'll fill both tanks, adding oil for a 50:1 ratio plus fuel stabilizer, tonight.

I do think I've found a solution for storing the second gas can by having it perched on the boomkin outside of the hull.  Held in place by a large cable tie and a piece of line fastened to an eye strap, it seemed very secure.

I'll think about it awhile before deciding if this is the right way to go.  If I am happy enough with it I may make it the standard place to store fuel while cruising.


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