Monday, April 22, 2013


In the photograph below you can see some of our gear stored for the night on board Spartina just inside Indian River Inlet on day five of the Over the Top trip.  That's my  yellow duffel on top, Bruce's orange bag below with the cook and light kits to the left.  

Cold windy and rainy on my day off today, jsut the kind of day to pack gear from the coming trip.  I made up the trail mix, which was off the shelf trail mix supplemented with almonds, cashews and wasabi peas.  I counted out off the crackers, lunches, fruit cups, etc and stowed them in the one gallon plastic jars.

I sorted through the batteries, both AA and lithium AA, for flash lights, gps's, radios (vhf and am/fm).  Something makes me think I need AAA too, but I can't remember for what right now.

I also cleaned off the tracks and waypoints on the gps, then added all the eastern shore and Chesapeake Bay waypoints.

I also added our track from day one of the May, 2011 to the Garmin 62S gps.  Crossing that track, which is below, between Onancock and Tangier Island will mean we have completed the circumnavigation.  If our schedule stays intact we will have a day or to of sailing after that, primarily in search of crab cakes and soft shell crab sandwiches on Smith and Tangier Islands.



steve said...

For SPOT unit?
Have a good trip Steve

Arwen's meanderings

Steve said...

No, that's aa lithiums, which will last all year. I think it is the spare VHF and maybe a severe weather alert radio ( which I have yet to locate......)

When will you be out on the wate?