Tuesday, April 30, 2013

packing day

I'm taking a comp day today to start sorting through and packing gear.  The wife has given me her half of the garage (Spartina occupies the other half) for setting out all the equipment, tubs, water and plastic jars of food.  I'll set everthing out - at least my gear, Bruce's will have to wait until he gets here - in relative position to where it will be stored on the boat as marked on the packing chart below. (That chart is a few years old and there have been a few modifications.  But as I look at it now it is surprisingly accurate.)

I did get a head start last night by mixing and bagging the last batch of snacks - dried mango slices and chunks of pineapple.  That has been a standard on just about all our trips.

I also went through the light kit putting new batteries in the anchor lights, emergency strobes, SPOT  and flashlights.

As for the weather, I'm clinging to the SailFlow forecast which shows light but steady winds out of the east.  Probably too light to sail outside on the ocean, but maybe just right to sail and motor-sail behind the barrier islands.  This is just a forecast and who knows what it will look like this weekend.  The final decision for our path will be made over dinner at Bill's Prime Seafood and Steaks in Chincoteague Saturday evening.

The forecast for the weather fronts show we should be starting under a high pressure system, not the strongest of winds but certainly comfortable for the start of the trip.


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