Thursday, April 25, 2013

Plantation Creek

I've added a waypoint for Plantation Creek, below, to the gps.  I've never seen it from water level, but from google maps it looks like a winding series of creeks and shallows.  I suspect there would be a nice spot to anchor overnight somewhere in there.

Those black rectangular shapes you see spread over the shallows are mesh covers for the farm raised clams which are propagated nearby and then put out in the bays and creeks to mature.  If not for the mesh protection, the cow-nosed rays would be having a feast on the beds of thousands and thousands of clams.

Adding Plantation Creek gives us three stopping points as we round the bottom of the Delmarva Peninsula and turn north - the concrete ships at Kiptopeke, Old Planation Creek and Cape Charles.

I would not mind spending a night at Kiptopeke or Plantation Creek and then reaching Cape Charles midday the following day.  Cape Charles is a nice little town, enjoyable for a nice walk with a couple of restaurants and an excellent marina.

Above are the concrete ships, WWII liberty ships that were sunk to create a harbor off of what is now a state park.  I hear that the tidal current rips through that area, but the spot just below the little hook in the land near the boat ramp looks like it would offer a spot for a comfortable evening.

The trip is a little over a week away.



Baydog said...

When we see Kiptopeke, we know we're about an hour and a half from our Outer Banks destination.

Steve said...

And you aren't even going to mention the clams? Really?