Saturday, April 27, 2013

there will be weather

If I could pick and choose my forecast for the start of the trip I would choose the intellicast version, above, with pleasant days and light winds.  I would skip the sailflow forecast, below, that calls for wind in the 20 mph range with guys up into the high-20's.

I had been thinking of the trip down the seaside of the Eastern Shore as two options - wind out of the north and sailing outside the barriers islands....or.....wind out of the south and motoring inside the islands.  One forecast I saw gave me a third option: wind out of the east giving Spartina the ability to sail south inside of barrier islands.  Wouldn't that be cool sailing through the narrow channels?

In any case the only accurate forecasts for the weather is that there will in fact be weather.  What kind?  We'll find out.

The forecast forecast for tomorrow is excellent - high 60's and 10 mph of wind out of the ese.  Perfect for a day sail.


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