Wednesday, April 17, 2013

sorting, sailing away

There is forecast to be a nice NNE wind this coming Sunday.  Looking at a handful of forecasts I see that they all agree on the wind direction, but wind speed varies anywhere from 11 to 17 mph.  I am hoping for the higher wind to see how the new sails feel in a stiff breeze.  Better yet, I would like to save that NNE wind for the first day of our trip.  It would be perfect to carry us outside down the coast for 24 miles from Chincoteague Inlet to Wachapreague Inlet.

I have begun sorting through the cruise gear, starting with the light kit, left, and cook kit right.  I was pleased to see that both the logbook, which you cannot see, and the Rite in the Rain notebook, bright yellow on top, have enough room leftover from the fall sail for this coming trip.  I need to put batteries in all the devices stored in the kit - flashlights, SPOT, radios, anchor lights, etc - and I need to do a test "OK" signal with the SPOT.  The cook kit was in good shape.  I added a new sponge.  Both lighters worked fine.  I do need to add the spices and olive oil to the kit, but that will wait until Bruce is here.

Work has been busier than I like, which gives me even more reason to look forward to the cruise.  The idea of just sailing away is more appealing each and every day.


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