Monday, May 19, 2014


Walking along the Elizabeth River this afternoon I ran into my friend Daniela who was working with the Sail Nauticus boats.  It was a beautiful evening.  Daniela mentioned that she is leaving in a few days to help crew on a offshore boat sailing to New York.

And I received an email from Webb Chiles telling me that he may leave tomorrow morning, casting off from San Diego's Quivira Basin bound for Hawaii and New Zealand on his Moore 24 GANNET.

It must be a good week for leaving - I will be launching out of Elizabeth City, NC for ten days on the sounds, rivers and bays of the Inner Banks.  The forecast, as of now, calls for NNW wind at 10 mph, just right to push me down the Pasquotank River, across Albemarle Sound and up the Alligator River.  Wouldn't it be nice to make Rattlesnake Bay that first night?


Anonymous said...

When will you launch, Steve?

I am sailing to Ocracoke on Thursday from my marina on Clubfoot Creek.

If the Sound picks up wind and waves as it has for past three years, I'll head for Belhaven instead via Bay River & Goose Creek following one of your previous trips here in Carolina.

If I had another week on the water, I'd add the Alligator River in, instead I'll just have to read your latest commentary when you return on upcoming trip.

I believe I've gained five pounds just savoring those delectable posts of late with what came off the grill.

Steve said...

Either Friday or Saturday, depending on some work issues. steve