Wednesday, May 21, 2014

packing, tracking

The wife has turned over her side of the garage (Spartina inhabits the other side) as I set out my gear and supplies for the trip.  Lots of little errands to run: fill the gas can, bottle of spray olive oil for cooking should I catch a fish, a two of bottles of liquid treatment for the portable head, new notebook, bottled water, etc.  Kind of fun to do it all, makes me feel like I'm on vacation even though I've got a couple of more days of work.

I've enjoyed following Webb on his yellow brick track.  I've marked his approximate position on a screen shot of the earth wind map.  Below is the "last known position" (which I suspect he labelled with a smile).  The earlier data showed that Webb was correct in predicting a slow departure from the coast, making just 1.7 knots when his first position was marked yesterday.  Offshore he has since been moving at around six knots.  His heading is SSW, which I suspect will continue for a couple of days before he turns west.

The forecast looks good for the start of my trip.  Wind out of the N or NNW for the first couple of days, comfortable temperatures.  I wish I could leave today.


Curt said...

I noticed an 'autopilot' on Webb's boat. Supposing that it is solar/battery driven. It must be working well, the track is amazingly straight following the prevailing winds and current. Lot of running before the wind. I'm guessing he is vanged out and maybe winging the jib? It's pretty cool... following from the computer!

I know you are biting the bit. We'll all be (vicarously) with you too. Have a great time.

Steve said...

Thanks, Curt, I'm very excited and ready to go.

Webb does have an autopilot and all his power is solar. He can also use a jib sheet connection to the tiller for steering as a backup. As for the sails, I believe he has a spinnaker, or something along those lines, that is probably getting some good use now. I'll look forward to his words and photos when he gets to Hawaii.

I'm mentally on the cruise right now, just got to get some bothersome work out of the way.