Friday, January 9, 2015


My socks make a buzzing noise and inflate tightly around my calves. For $800 they ought to do something more than keep feet warm. My cane hangs from my walker next to bed where I've built my nest. I have not yet figured out an exit strategy that will get me from nest to walker or cane without a groan. I have several weeks to figure it all out, but by then I won't need to figure it out - I'll be walking.

I'm home.


S R Wood said...

Steve, congratulations! Hip replacements are really fast these days, and I've seen them make all the difference. Really glad to see you out of the hospital and back home.

Your inflatable socks are very important, and not just to provide walk-on-water PFD effectiveness. Heal well!

Steve said...

As I recall, you are in the business, so your opinion is well respected. thanks steve