Wednesday, January 21, 2015

with this ring

This 1.5 inch inner diameter ring arrived via ups this afternoon.  With the eye strap it will be mounted on the side of the centerboard trunk to make sure that the winch handle for the centerboard pendant stays close to the cb trunk.  (a quick note - most Pathfinders do not have or need a cb pendant, but Spartina's 100 lb steel cb makes it necessary)


A nice feature of the Pathfinder design are flat decks in the cockpit, giving  quick access forward to handle the lines.  I have always worried about tripping over the cb handle, with no one to blame for myself if I have left it sticking out 90 degrees from the cb trunk.  

In the past I have used a little piece of nylon line on a ss eye strap, marked by the arrow in the photo above, to keep the winch handle in place.  The bronze ring should look a little nicer.  And I can't wait to get it splashed with salt spray, earning a nice little patina from time on the water.

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